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compositor/page layout

Real World Aperture, Peachpit, 2007
by Ben Long

The Macintosh iLife ’06, Peachpit, 2006
The Macintosh iLife ’05, Peachpit, 2005
The Macintosh iLife ’04, Peachpit, 2004
The Macintosh iLife, Peachpit, 2003
The Macintosh Digital Hub, Peachpit, 2002
by Jim Heid

Flash Professional 8, lynda.com/Peachpit, 2006
by James Gonzalez

Sell It on eBay, 2nd Edition, Peachpit, 2005
Sell It on eBay, TechTV/Peachpit, 2004
by Jim Heid & Toby Malina


technical editor, book design, production

QuarkXPress to InDesign: Face to Face, Wiley, 2005
by Galen Gruman


technical editor

QuarkXPress 6 for Dummies, Wiley, 2003
by Barbara Assadi & Galen Gruman

Adobe InDesign CS2 Bible, Wiley, 2005
Adobe InDesign CS Bible, Wiley, 2003
by Barbara Assadi & Galen Gruman